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  1. Meet Renee from Hello Harry Co.

    Here at Feather & Noise we love Makin’ Noise with inspiring women we discover & love! So, let us introduce you to Renee from Hello Harry Co. Since bringing her beautiful baby boy, Harry, into the world, Renee was inspired by all things children’s wear and dreamed of opening her own online boutique that offered hand-picked pieces to her fellow mums, parents, and families. So, let us take you through her journey, by getting to know a little more about how this talanted and inspiring woman and how she manages the #mumlife juggles. 

    Your little boy Harry has recently turned two – with bub number two on the way, what are your thoughts on being a mother of two boys? 

    I am beyond excited to be welcoming another little boy into our family soon (very soon)! Just before Harry turned 2, he become really, really busy! There are some days I literally think he hasn't stopped for a second and that makes me nervous for what's to come haha.. Keeping up with him plus being mothering a new born baby, eek! But getting to watch them grow as brothers and to watch their special bond form is something, I am so excited about!! I will just wing the rest! 

    How do you describe your personal style?

    It’s really hard to say, I feel that my style is quite effortless, and I definitely channel a feminine, boho vibe. Being a mum and pregnant I definitely love easy, ready to wear styles & I value comfort more than ever. My wardrobe is filled with floaty florals, maxis, denim and tees! (& activewear too of course)

    You’ve look fantastic throughout your pregnancy, what are your personal pregnancy style tips?

    Thankyou! Comfort! Although when I’m not pregnant I chose to wear more flowy, effortless pieces I feel pregnancy is a time to make the most of clothing that will show off the growing bump, I love a tight dress with a tied tee/shirt over the top. Also been living in printed maxi dresses this time around especially now while the weather is warm and I’m on the home stretch to due date! 

    Tell us about your children’s wear business, Hello Harry Co. and how it came about.

    Although I have always loved fashion, children’s fashion was never on my radar until I had Harry. I found myself besotted with cute baby pieces and taking 1000 photos of him! My mum and I actually came up with the idea to start an online children’s boutique and after one conversation I was already doing my research and I launched a few months later. It has been so much fun and something I am very proud of! 

    How do you juggle motherhood while running your business “Hello Harry Co. “? What are your tips for working-mums?

    Organisation!!! I have never been an organised person but when my little man came into my life, I had to learn fast! It’s the same with running the business, as long as I’m prepared things run fairly smoothly. 

    What’s your fashion/beauty tips for mumma’s to feel fresh and fashionable?

    My tip is investing in good quality pieces! Both in beauty and fashion I have finally learnt how important it is choosing quality of quantity. Don’t feel guilty for spending more on better quality product, you’ll end up thanking yourself.  Buy the eye cream that works or buy the jacket you will re-wear. ‘Me time’ is also so important. Try and make the time for yourself to get your eyebrows done, nails done or an alternate beauty appointment. It works wonders me!

    What do weekend’s look like with your boy’s (Hubby, Tom & your son, Harry)? 

    I long for the weekends!! It’s so nice having Tom home, with work and footy most of his days are long so the quality time on the weekend we cherish! We love the beach, going on walks with Harry in the pram (when he allows it) haha and often Tom and harry will go off and do something together. Their favourite place to hang out right now is Bunnings warehouse! (and secretly mine too, but I’ll never admit it Tom) 


    You post about Pilates classes on your feed – what are your tips?

    Pilates and fitness have been huge in my pregnancy! I think with anything you want to stick to you to find something you LOVE. I happened to try Pilates two years ago and never looked back. It’s gentle on the body yet keeps you strong and fit! Exactly what I need with soon to be two busy boys in my life. It’s also nice to take that hour out of my busy day just for me! I come out of my classes stupidly happy and ready to start the day. Fitness has always played a huge part in my mental health. 

    What was your favourite look from the shoot and why?

    I absolutely adored the red and white dress with the shirt tied over the top. I felt effortless & chic. It was hard to choose my favourite though! I love everything in this collection and I was SO excited to be a part of the shoot! 

    My experience shooting with the Feather & Noise team…

    I was a little nervous about the shoot but the girls made me feel so comfortable, they were warm, hilarious and soo much fun! I had the best day.

    My highlights of the day…

    I love getting my make-up done because wearing nice makeup is a rarity these days #mumlife. And having lunch with the girls at the cute little cafe where we did the shoot, I felt like I was in Paris!! 

    My favourite look from the shoot was (and why) …

    I absolutely adored the ‘Jackie Dress’ and ‘Renee Shirt’ in White. I felt effortless & chic.

    My tips getting ready for a photo shoot…

    BIG breakfast. I love food so any excuse but it’s so important to have a full belly for the day. A good night sleep and a coffee to start the day too!

    Fashion: Feather & Noise

    Photography: Katie Fergus

    Stylist: Jess Dean @Ivorymoth

    Renee & Hello Harry.Co: HelloHarryCo




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