Here at Feather & Noise we love Makin’ Noise with inspiring women we discover & love! Let us introduce you to Kate from Yorkelee Prints! She's cool, she's hilarious, and she's the creative owner of the amazing design studio Yorkelee Prints! Kate's all about providing quality, affordable wall art and believes everyone deserves to transform a house into a home, in a way that doesn't cost a fortune. So let us take you through the journey of this amazing and inspiring individual!



What made you start your business Yorkelee Prints?

I didn’t want to go back into the advertising industry after having kids. I wanted to be my own boss, have better work/life balance and make my own decisions, after working in the advertising industry since leaving University.



Where do you find inspiration from when designing prints?

I draw inspiration from my own personal life experiences, I like to express myself, my experiences and where I’m at creatively through my prints and artwork.



How do you manage the juggle between mum and business life?

I have set working hours and I’m freaking strict with myself, I learnt the hard way that nothing good comes from working too much and neglecting other areas of your life, including your personal life, health, kids, family, friends etc. life is about creating memories and connecting with people, I feel you do that more effectively when you are in perfect balance. Same with work, it’s easier to make clearer decisions when you are balanced.



What’s your all-time favourite dance tune?

Ohhhh anything R&B, seriously I can pretty much dance to anything, I dance to the music at my kids disco, pretty much the best parent dancer… just say’in


What was your favourite Feather and Noise piece from your collection?

Goshhhh the hard questions… I love it all! If I had to choose one then it would definitely be the ‘Boulevard Pants’ that I wore at the runway event, oh and our ‘Purpose tee’, these are probably my faves.



What was the inspiration behind our ‘Purpose Tee’?

The Purpose print was created during a period of my life where I felt enlightened…. a realisation that we are all here looking for our purpose, some find it quicker than others, and it’s different for everyone. It’s not a ‘thing’ it’s a feeling, the feeling you get when you’re doing something you love, it’s intrigue, excitement, passion, goose bumps. That’s when you know you’ve found your purpose. I’m so grateful I get to live out my purpose and inspire others daily, we wanted to bring that message to life and share it with our Yorkelee & F&N customers, so we can all celebrate living our purpose, not matter what that may be.



What’s your all-time favourite go-to outfit?

Oh my goodness it has to be ripped jeans and a tucked in white tee with cute sneakers or slides. LOVE! 


Lastly, when can we shoot with you again?

YES YES YES - I would love to create a ripped jean collection with F&N, or something super creative for the edgy, fashion lover fans. I absolutely loved working with the team at F&N, the girls were so kind and super talented (my kind of gang). I feel like I’ve made so many special connections through this collab experience and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. I’m sure I’ll be down to hang out again real soon!





Fashion: Feather & Noise

Photography: Katie Fergus 

Stylist: Jess Lee 

Hair & Makeup: Nicole Kene

Model: Kate from Yorkelee Prints