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    Here at Feather & Noise we love Makin’ Noise with inspiring women we discover & love! So, let us introduce you to Ange from The Gratitude Project! Her socials talk about all thing’s health and happiness! We featured Ange and her beautiful daughter Harper in our recent Christmas Campaign and talked all things Christmas and preparing for the silly season! We asked Ange for her tips and tricks for surviving Christmas, who she looks up to and of course- her favourite F&N outfit from her shoot!


    You’re a Health and Happiness Coach, what are your health and wellness tips for getting through the “silly season”?

    Keep up the water intake and balance the delicious sweets with some healthy choices! I also encourage people to keep moving over the Christmas period. Very often it gifts us a small pocket of time to ourselves to recalibrate and increases our feel-good endorphins!

    Your business, The Gratitude Project is where you support and inspire women to live a healthier and happier lifestyle – who inspires you?

    My own mother, she's so generous and kind but also takes out time for self-care.  She taught me how to be everything good that's within me! I also love Gwen Paltrow, I admire how she stands by her beliefs even when the public doesn’t agree!

    You talk about gratitude and happiness daily on your Insta account – what are you tips for Mums out to channel their inner calm during the Holiday season?

    Where you can, find a pocket of stillness (even for just two minutes!) to breathe! And try and find the beauty amongst the chaos - such as watching the delight on your kids faces as they open their gifts, play or try new foods. This simple mindset shift can make all the difference.

    What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

    I love being with my family and all the events! It’s such a social time of year and if you can focus on the gift of presence it makes it so fulfilling, even when it feels exhausting!

    What’s your plan of attack for your girls Christmas gifts this year?

    We don’t go overboard with gifts, one big thing and a few little fun bits. I’m getting Bo to choose what she wants and Harper is still little so she’ll probably get some of her toys rewrapped so she has something to open!

    What does a typical Christmas look like at your home with your family?

    We have lots of people to visit Christmas Day so it can be exhausting! This year we’re seeing all our families the week before and heading to Byron Christmas Day to relax and connect with just us!

    Christmas, eating & drinking go hand-in-hand. What is your go-to healthy Christmas recipe?

    In my Treat Your Tastebuds recipe book I have a Raw Christmas Slice with cranberries and for me it’s the taste of Christmas! I only make them in December.

    What is your favourite thing to do to give yourself a pep up?

    Walk on the beach, cuddles with my girls and hubby, movement, an inspiring audio book, long chats with a girlfriend - all these things make me feel wonderful.

    What was your favourite look/gift from your photoshoot with Feather and Noise?

    The black and white dress I wore second! Perfect for Christmas Day!

    What’s your go-to Christmas party outfit?

    SPARKLES! So festive!


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