Here at Feather & Noise we love Makin’ Noise with inspiring women we discover & love! So, let us introduce you to Rachel from Insta.Beauty.Mummy! Her socials talk about all things beauty and fashion! I know we’ve learnt a thing or two from her tips and tricks! So, let us take you through her journey, by getting to know a little more about this talanted and inspiring woman!



Make up trends can be like fashion trends, everything eventually comes back in fashion again. What is one trend that you are excited to see in the Make Up world at the moment?

It has to be the ‘ultra-highlighted’ look. As you know, I am such a fan of glowy and dewy skin, so amping this up for a night out or occasion is a lot of fun!


What is a trend that you aren’t as on board with?

Baking. Personally, I feel like this clogs up the skin too much and can make the skin appear more aged. I love a good coverage foundation, but skin still needs to look like skin in my opinion. 



How do you juggle motherhood with full time work AND growing a social media presence? What are your time management tips?

I get asked this question a lot. I don’t know what my secret is to be honest haha! I am super organised, so that helps a lot. I have a flexible job which allows me to tend to my children’s commitments and allows me to be there for them. I also have amazing family support which I am super grateful for. Another huge contributor which I honestly believe frees up a lot of time is online grocery shopping! It takes me 5 minutes to do, instead of spending hours at the supermarket then lugging it home. I also have a house cleaner which I can totally justify. In regards to time management, my kids are amazing sleepers so with them going to bed at 7pm this gives me time to work on my social media and this is also when I take time to myself for Pilates, or a bath etc.  



What do your weekends with the boys look like? They are so cheeky and beautiful, I bet you are always entertained!

They pretty much always involve dining out somewhere! As you can tell, I LOVE good food! So, we always tie that in with an outing of some kind. Whether that be the movies, or a play date, or some shopping. They are super cheeky and get up to a lot of mischief, but I absolutely love their little personalities. So yes, we are always being entertained by them!



How would you describe your approach to parenting?

My approach has changed and evolved over the years. It has definitely become a more relaxed approached. What I have learnt, having two children, is that what works with one might not work with the other. My two are so different from each other and have such different personalities. I love this, but it can make it a little difficult at times!! Haha!! I think as parents we have to try to relax a little and realise they are just mini humans testing things out. Praise when they do good, works wonders, rather than just telling them off when they misbehave. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself also. Societies expectations of what mothers should look like should be ignored! Do what feels right for you and your family. 



Who do you love to follow on Instagram? Who inspires you?

I absolutely love Chloe Morello. Her makeup skills are insane, she is just such a down to earth beautiful person who doesn’t take herself too seriously. 


You are a self-taught makeup artist. What are your biggest tips for other women wanting to increase their skill base?

Just keep playing with makeup! ‘Practice makes perfect’ and trust me I am far from perfect in the makeup skill stakes! BUT if I look at when I started to now, the improvement has been astronomical. 



What was your favourite look from your photoshoot with Feather and Noise?

I think the last outfit, the blue corduroy overalls. So super cute and practical! 



Fashion: Feather & Noise

Photography: Katie Fergus 

Hair: Cat from Colourist.Cat

Stylist: Caitlin Marwaha

Rachels's Instagram: Insta.Beauty.Mummy