was born in early 2013 by Alison Long, however the idea had been brewing for many years before.  Alison has more than 13 years’ experience in retail as a Visual Merchandiser, Ladies Buyer and Senior Sales Rep.  She decided it was time to gather up all her years of passion, experience, dedication and extensive knowledge of fashion, and bring her beloved drive for selling and styling to a wider range of other likeminded people.  After her official first year out of the Fashion Industry with a new job description as a ‘Stay at Home Mum’ and with maternity leave quickly coming to an end, it was time to make F&N a reality and bring some of the most stylish and affordable trends to the market place.

Alison loves to wear denim, stripes, basic tees and would describe herself as a jeans girl, but always mad for a great shirt, usually layered & worn open.  “Be it chambray, check or a crisp white, I love a good collar over my casual jeans & tee style.”  With a fast-paced business, a phone that never stops and two children under 3 years, Alison must be ready within five minutes. “Time is everything and choosing what to wear has to happen quickly!”

This is the motto & inspiration behind many of F&N styles; practical, easy, staple, timeless pieces.  Often with a twist such as a great print, a stripe, a touch of leather or leopard and always a good elastic waist for all the stylish Mums, both pre and post pregnancy.  “I’ve been there twice & I know how important a great stylish elastic waist pant is for any new Mum!"  As our lives get busier and busier, we aim provide convenience to the time poor, and make shopping easier, simpler and hassle free.

“I just wanted an outlet to style, share and sell all the gorgeous trends that I love to wear.  If I can help make others as happy as I am when I wear an F&N style, then that brings so much joy to me!"

Our posts are always a burst of new styles or trends that we desperately want to share with you, inspiring you to spoil yourself with a little retail therapy.  We love that our customers trust us and come to us for advice and help, and most of all continually return to shop with us.  We work exceptionally hard to ensure we reply to every email, message or phone call and pride ourselves on giving the most passionate customer service and care.

Alison and the F&N team x





Jess has worked in retail for over 10 years in many different roles both online and in store, she has also styled product, lifestyle and flat lay content for a variety of different labels. Jess loves creating new and beautiful content for our customers to show how fun and effortless dressing can be.

Jess loves coming up with different ways that trends can be interpreted and hopes that through styling she can inspire people to step out of their comfort zone, try something new and most of all give them the confidence to face the wolrd and feel amazing while doing it.  You can find Jess on Instagram at @ivorymoth where she expresses her love for styling and fashion, she also has her own blog www.ivorymoth.com.au where she talks all things fashion and showcases her work and inspirations. She loves being a part of the beautiful culture here at Feather and Noise.


Em, E-Commerce 

Emily has worked in the fashion and ecommerce industries since 2005, which is where her love for the world of online retailing began. She loves how reactive the industry can be, and strives to be a motivational influence to her peers.

It’s an industry she holds dear to her heart, and one that she feels so privileged to be a part of every day!

Em also has a couple of other little loves in her life… That being her 2 kids, and beautiful husband Liam. They are her first true loves and she couldn’t imagine walking this journey without them by her side.

Em is super excited to be a part of the Feather and Noise Tribe! “It’s a gorgeous team!” and she just loves working for a company that inspires her every day! She’s can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring for this killer little brand!




Caitlin has over 5 years of retail management experience and is also a fully qualified personal stylist.

Caitlin loves blogging and is mum to two toddlers. It’s fair to say that Caitlin has her hands full, however she still manages to bring us treats and the biggest smile every time we see her.

The combination of fashion and meeting new people is what gets Caitlin out of bed each morning as well as the desire to help women learn how to dress their bodies and feel fabulous in all their clothes, not just some.

Caitlin loves sharing her own personal style on Instagram at @caitlinmarwaha as well as commenting on trends, beauty products and styling tips over at her blog www.themummystylefiles.com A denim and knitwear girl at heart there is no denying that Caitlin is loving her new home here at Feather and Noise.



Sylvia has worked in the corporate world for 3 years. She has always loved fashion and especially jewellery, so she decided it was time to follow her passions and joined the gorgeous F&N team.

Sylvia is the lovely voice on the end of the phone and 65 words per minute typist replying to your live chats, emails and insta DM’s. She always has a chocolate stash ready for ‘those’ days and we adore her for it.

In her spare time Sylvia enjoys eating, sleeping, collecting vintage jewellery and spending time with her family especially her new twin nieces.

Sylvia loves her role, the crazy team, the gorgeous clothes and her inspiring customers here at Feather and Noise and we love her oh so much!



Eloiza has always had a love for all things fashion and has worked in the retail world for nearly 9 years, she believes in going the extra mile for her customers and has an almost OCD love for approving return requests.  Eloiza is famous on our insta stories for her fabulous dancing but most importantly being a shortie and helping our shorter customers with styling and sizing advice. In her spare time Eloiza loves singing, dancing, road trips and vlogging about make-up.

Eloiza Loves her beautiful customers the friendly team environment here at Feather and Noise and we are so happy to have her on board.