We’ve been keeping a little secret here at F+N for the past year, … we’ve been secretly offering private styling services right here at our humble studio for many of our clients. These sessions have been incredible, and have served as a beautiful reminder as to why we do what we do; to make women feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.  

With our fresh new digs at F&N HQ’s boasting the most incredible showroom space, we just knew we had to open it up to our beloved F&N shoppers.  Our showroom will be a dedicated retail space for you to view our collection and try on all of our hand-picked and exceptionally curated pieces.

We are so pleased to announce that you can now select a time slot from our appointment calendar below for a FREE one hour, one-on-one personal styling session.  Ladies, this will be more than just a personal shopper experience; you will receive personal style advice, expert advice on how to dress for your body shape, and you’ll be able to feel comfortable knowing that your purchases are practical, easy wearing pieces that will give you a variety of looks you’ve never had before.

The team at F+N are passionate about our unique collections, and we just know that once you step into our showroom & experience an F+N styling session, you will start each day with the right foot forward and most importantly? Feeling amazing in what you are wearing.

At the start of your session you will have a brief consultation over a coffee [... or a cheeky champagne if it’s an evening appointment!], and then depending on what you are after, one of our F+N team members will help you piece outfits together that will go on to become a host of different wardrobe options for you [and give you the most value for your money!].

As a Mum of two little people myself, I completely understand that most shopping experiences involve our little people in tow. At F&N, we welcome your little people and we can completely accommodate them with comfy cushions, colouring books, & even a mini iPad for some “quiet time” while Mum gets to be styled! All we want from you taking the time to visit us, is for you to be able to feel comfortable during our session and leave feeling wonderful about making the right clothing choices for you!

Please contact us with any questions at all, … or even if you’re just curious to know how a particular style fits! We just love to talk fashion, [... and everyday fashion], so we will be happy to talk to you about your personal situation, frustrations in fashion, or particular styles you’re looking to add to your wardrobe.

Feel free to contact us on 0393960000, or email us on styling@featherandnoise.com.

* When booking your session please leave both an email and contact number to ensure you can be contacted before your appointment.

* Please note that your Styling Session may be cancelled or rescheduled due to stylist availability.