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  1. An Afternoon with Cungelella Art


    Meet the talented and inspiring women behind Cungelella Art.

    Who is Cungelella Art and how was it created?

    Cungelella art is made up of 4 sisters Jaunita, Dale, Glenda and Cheryl. It started when Glenda decided to try her hand at painting at home on maternity leave which quickly grew a following on Instagram. Then slowly but surely sister by sister the gang grew to what it is today.


    Where do you get your inspiration from?

    Our inspiration comes from the our landscape, we are very blessed living out here on Kalkadoon Country there are so many amazing places and colours that we draw inspiration from.

    How do you create the perfect mood board? 

    When creating mood boards, we all have a similar obsession with the same colour bases, and these colours come from what we have grown up with and are surround by. The red dirt, the peachy orange skies on sunset, the spinifex covered hills and the many shades of the ancient rock faces that surround Mount Isa.


    How do you choose your colour palette? 

    This leads straight into our colour palette choices as well, we always start with some base colours we love and work in other colours that catch our eye through the ever changing seasonal colours of the landscape.

    Fashion: Feather & Noise

    Read more about these amazing women here: Cungelella Art


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