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  1. Celebrating 150K!

    WE’VE HIT 150K!

    … well, technically it’s now 154K

    Wow, that was actually quicker than expected during these challenging-algorithm-times! We must be doing something right?! Anyhoo, we went into some kind of tunnel called the month of June & between all the excitement of our huge WINTER II campaign, throw in the chaos of #EOFY, along with so many of our beloved team members falling unwell with all those nasty wintery bugs going around and then BOOM! … On one cold wet Melbourne night our beloved Molly sends us all a WhatsApp message saying “WE JUST HIT 150K – WE DID IT! CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!”

    Reaching this huge Instagram milestone comes with yet another round of absolute gratefulness! We actually can’t even put into words how appreciative we are of YOU all!

    All of #TeamFandN's cups feel fuller than ever, especially off the back of working a gazillion times harder than we ever had during the challenges of 2020-2022! Man, those solo lives at home with kids walking in and out! Or trying to work out how best to bring the happiness to our beloved audience during some of the darkest of days for so many.

    For us at F+N whilst 150,000 humans following us can feel somewhat surreal at times and whilst the milestone deserves acknowledgement [plus some Mexican and a spicy margs with all the team] it has never really been about the numbers!

    At the end of the day numbers aren't the most important thing, but we felt this one needed a little celebration! … and a humble brag because we’re really bloody proud!

    What each and every single one of us in our company knows is that it’s about the individual souls we get to connect with on a daily basis. It’s honestly about the kindness that comes flooding our way from YOU our followers.

    The appreciation you all show for our carefully curated collections, the admiration for our team members, our stylists, our influencers, our everyday humans that share their F+N #ootd and the immense amount of business respect for that little brand that started in the inner west of Melbourne! AND here we are celebrating with 150,000 of you on the gram almost ten years on!

    Wow, what a journey it’s been!

    Stay tuned for plenty more story-telling, good old memories, past times & some trips down memory lane sharing beloved campaigns, wonderful and loyal staff both past and present who have truly made F+N who we are today!

    Endless love,

    Ali x



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