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  1. Mother's Day 2022

    We were lucky enough to have the beautiful Stefi from @celia.loves and her family as the face of our 2022 Mother's Day Campaign.

    Get to know a bit more about Stefi and how she plans to spend her Mother's Day this year.

    Team F&N are sending lots of love to all this special women in our lives!

    What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

    In its most simplistic form, Mother’s Day mean to me the celebration of women and women figures for the love, kindness and often self-sacrifice to raise children.  It’s pressing pause to reflect how much influence and impact our mother figures have over us. The age old saying, “it takes a village to raise a child” will often see children raised by mothers, aunties, grandparents and sometimes solo in the trenches. It’s just wonderful to celebrate the hard (unpaid) work! 

    What does being a mum mean to you?

    I often hold myself out to be a trailblazer for my girls. I want to gift them skills, confidence and unconditional love so they can navigate life later on.  You’ll often hear me say I want them to always feel safe and secured and ultimately loved too much by me, their mother. A person they can turn to, and to know they have someone who will always support them. 

    How do you like to celebrate Mother’s Day?

    Give me those sloppy kisses, early morning chaotic sounds accompanied with a great cup of coffee in bed! It’ll often be a call to mum, my mother-in-law, my friends who are mums, who want to be mums and who are step mums, then I like to just be present with the kids. We lead such a busy life (soon to be three businesses) that ultimately, I just love to turn off the phone and be absolutely present with them. 

    What is one tradition you do with your girls that has followed through the family?

    Handmade cards or just handwritten cards in general are the most beautiful and traditional component in our life. I actually keep all cards from all occasions, these mean the most to all of us. 

    What do you wish for this Mother’s Day? (A good night’s sleep can definitely be a wish #LOL)

    Probably to stay in pjs all day with a face mask on and make it a movie day... (also no cooking or dishes and no shock horror when it’s their bedtime) 


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