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  1. Our Day with Emily from @Cleverhand

    What inspired you to start ‘Cleverhand’ and ‘The Goals Club’?

    CLEVERHAND: The only thing I knew I wanted to do career-wise was play Netball professionally. I achieved that early on, but in those days, we still needed to work alongside our sports careers. I had NO clue what I wanted to do. I remember reading so much advice about finding what you would do for free. I didn't think that applied to me because what I really loved was handwriting. And who on earth was going to pay me to write words? After some encouragement from my girlfriends (how good are our mates!) I started an Instagram page and from there people started asking if I could paint their quotes, wedding vows and song lyrics. I said yes, and here I am 6 years later! You gotta follow those dreams.

    THE GOALS CLUB: As a Netballer, I was fantastic at achieving my goals in a team environment but would always struggle in the off season when I was on my own. I felt like a real failure. When I decided to flip the script and see accountability as my secret weapon, it changed things for me. I thought, why isn't there a place where women can come together and learn how to achieve goals in an easy and FUN way, while also keeping each other accountable? I decided to create it myself and The Goals Club was born. By declaring our goals weekly, monthly and yearly we reinforce our commitment to them, making it much more likely for us to follow through and achieve them. Most people have no problem doing the dream and plan phase of goal setting, it's the DO/Action they struggle with. The Goals Club was created to push us to take action and live our happiest, most confident and content lives. We've had epic success stories - multiple 20kg, 10kg & 5kg weight losses, I've almost lost count on the number of new jobs gained and side hustles finally launched. For me, the greatest reward is to see women grow in confidence - the change in the way they hold themselves and speak about themselves is unbelievable. I've got to pinch myself sometimes!


    Which is your favourite design from the Feather and Noise X Cleverhand stationary collection?

    I love the daily planner! I hand drew each little element and love the daintiness of the florals. Plus, I cannot live without my daily planner - trust me, it's an absolute game changer. By starting my day getting all of my to-do's out of my head and scheduling them into my day I can see what's possible. It takes me from overwhelmed to action-orientated and stops the procrastination in its tracks. You NEED it!

    Where did you draw your inspiration from for this collaboration?

    Looking at past Feather and Noise Collections and getting into the mind of an F&N woman. She is strong, feminine and loves to be surrounded by beauty. The colour palette is a beautiful fusion of the current collection and the lilac and gingham is so on trend right now!


    Which was your favourite piece of clothing from your launch collection?

    Oh my gosh, tough question! It's a toss-up between the -- Playsuit and the .. jumpsuit. The fabrics are beautiful and the comfort factor is through the roof. I'm not someone who has worn lilac in the past and I think I've found my new colour! I feel fun and confident in each outfit, which is what we all want right?

    What is your top 5 tips and tricks for setting clear goals and staying organised?

    1. Give yourself permission to dream big!

    Most people say they don't know what they want, If I hear this I ask - is this true? Or do you just believe it's not possible for you? The dreaming part gives us clues - if you say "I want to make a million dollars this year" but you're a teacher - that might be a little out there. The clue it gives is that you want financial security - it's about what the $1m will give you. Then ask yourself better questions - how can I become more financially secure? It will bring the clarity you need to set aligned goals.

    2. Write your goals as if they have already happened

    Instead of writing "I want to buy a house" write: I own my dream home! Why? Our brain can't tell the difference between what is real and what is not. When we state our goals in present tense, we subconsciously look for ways to make these statements true.

    3. Create a daily practice

    This is the closest thing I have found to a magic pill for your achieving goals. When we practice gratitude for what we do have, when we write down our goals every single day and when we plan the time to make them happen, they do! If I'm writing down my goal of "I own my dream home" everyday yet I keep spending my savings, I can't kid myself. I either need to start living in alignment with my goals, or I need to question if this goal is something I truly want. By keeping our goals front of mind, we remind ourselves of what we value and begin to embody the best version of ourselves.

    4. Create Habits

    I highly recommend reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. Find a way to anchor new habits to something you already do, and that you enjoy i.e. I LOVE my morning coffee. When I was first implementing my daily practice into my routine, I would anchor it to my coffee because you better believe I was NEVER going without that caffeine hit, which in turn meant I would never miss doing my daily practice.

    5. Find the EASIEST way to do things!

    We don't get extra points for achieving our goals the hard way. Work with who you innately are, instead of going against yourself. i.e., with exercise - if you HATE early mornings, workout in the evenings. If you don't like gyms, workout at home. If you don't like running, do weights or walk. The best form of exercise for you is the one you will do. It's as simple as that! 

    What are three words the best describes you?

    Positive, fun, dreamer!


    What would you say your personal fashion style is and what are the 3 pieces in your wardrobe you can’t live without?

    Ooh good question! I'd say my personal style is classic, fresh and relaxed. I cannot live without a good pair of jeans and have become OBSESSED with the F&N jeans. Where have they been all of my life?! I love gold jewellery and always need a pair of earrings to finish my look. Lastly, a good fitted Tee or singlet. See: classic, fresh and relaxed haha!


    How soon can we work with you on another collaboration ???? We’re so OBSESSED with this collection!

    I'm ready when you are!!!


    Fashion: Feather & Noise

    Graphic & Stationery Design: Emily @cleverhand

    Photography: Bec Shaw

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