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  1. A letter to our fellow Victorians

    To our fellow Victorians we hear you. 


    We know you’re tired, … like REALLY bloody tired right now. 

    We know you’re mentally stretched in more ways than you ever imagined you could be. 

    We know you are all wearing so many different hats and not the type you can wear to a concert with friends. 

    We know what it feels like to wake up each day and it’s like we are autopilot, but we don’t really know what day it is. 

    We know that voice in our head reminding us to stick to some type of routine … or to start one because everyone is telling us it’s good for you.

    We check how our ‘numbers’ are looking most days. Then we question if we should keep the news ‘off’ to avoid our children hearing more talk of ‘lockdown’ – We know their little minds must be so sick of seeing their parents numbingly watch the news feeling more exhausted as each day goes on. 


    We know how much we all miss those simple rewards at the end of the week. When you get to have a cheeky Friday night drink with a friend at your local wine bar. Or grab ice cream with half of your kid’s class at the local frozen yogurt shop. Or eat down some of our favourite laneways and restaurants that we miss so badly. 


    We watch our friends have new-borns, but no one can visit and then we watch their new-born turn 7 months and we still haven’t been able to visit. We watch parents throw amazing #iso birthday parties, putting on brave faces as family members drive by and balloon deliveries arrive from our children’s best friends. We smile so hard inside our chests could burst because we’re so proud of how resilient our little people have been through all of this.  


    We feel so dearly for the hundreds that have lost their loved ones, then the thousands that have lost their jobs and livelihoods.  

    We know you’re fatigued, emotional, exhausted, worried, stressed, anxious, mad, frustrated and sad. Really bloody sad.  

    We know you miss seeing your family, your friends, your work colleagues, your parents, your children’s friends, your hairdresser! 


    BUT … 


    We know VICTORIA we can do this, we can keep going, we can keep strong, we can keep positive, we can continue to check in on our loved ones. We can get through this. 

    We know we all love our beautiful state and we love this wonderful city of Melbourne.



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