Here at Feather & Noise we love Makin’ Noise with inspiring women we discover & love! Let us introduce you to our beloved Anna Mac, an Inspiring women who personally managed the renovation of her dream home with her 3 month old baby Otis and two year old boy Stanley. We got a sneak peak into the finished home and OH MY it's beautiful! 



We fell in love with your newly renovated house, now please tell us the role you played in renovating your beautiful home? Because we know you had only ‘just’ had Otis your second baby boy!

Yes, I was a little crazy and thought that I could renovate and personally project manage the build, add in a 3 month old baby as well as a 2 ½ year old, it was a crazy ride, alright. To add to it all we ended up moving 5 times throughout the process. Most days I would turn up with Otis attached to me in the Baby Bjorn, after an hour of site inspection Otis would generally fall asleep (facing outwards) and now my toddler wants to grow up to be a tradie. But there were times that after no sleep I would rather not be making micro decisions like “how big I wanted my skirting boards”.

I don’t think there is ever a good time to renovate, but we all survived and now we have a beautiful home.


What is your favourite space / room in your home? 

The outdoor deck by far, with the bi fold doors open in summer we eat all our meals out there. I love cozying up in my hanging chair, with a coffee (or wine), it’s where I can sit and watch the kids play. When possible it’s my little chill out spot, where I can just sit & read a magazine (which is rare).




Top 3 tips to share with other Mums taking on such a huge renovation? 

Don’t do it! No only kidding. (1) Don’t get overwhelmed by all the decisions you need to make, you can stretch a lot of them over time, concentrate on one room, one decision at a time and make them as you go. (2) If you have to move out like us, I would recommend relocating close by, as you need to be on site as much as possible, popping in regularly to keep an eye on things to make sure everything is going to plan, and obviously everyday towards the end. (3) If its possible move back in when everything is finished, it’s no fun with builders working around you when you have little kids running around or seeing them bright and early first thing, boobs out breast feeding - oh the fun times …


Now let’s fashion! We are dying to know what your number one look from our recent ‘TAKE ME HOME’ edit is? 

The Marley Pinstripe dress for sure, it has everything from bows, pinstripes to oversized cuffs, all perfect to create a modern feminie look. Worn with boots it has become my go to dress for heading out for the weekend.



If there is one piece from the collection that you suggest all busy women need what would it be? 

A hard one, I love them all, but I am personally living in the Georgie oversized bomber jacket, as it’s great to layer over knits or a basic tee and with your favourite denim. Or I wear it tied around my waist over winter dresses. Bomber Jackets are (still) a must have staple this season.



Now your hair and makeup always looks amazing girlfriend! How do you fit it all in & what tips do you have in the beauty area to help us boot out the door looking at least half together? 

To get photo-shoot hair and makeup ready, I always go to the girls at Elliott Steele Hair, I am into soft waves more so than curls a.t.m.

Eyelash extensions are my biggest beauty tip, they are my saviour for when the bubs keep you up all night. Who doesn’t like help hiding tired looking eyes, and it eliminates stuffing around with mascara in the morning.

Also I am obsessed with dry Shampoo, it gives my hair body, and it helps to get a few days out of my waves, I am currently using the brand Klorane.



Coffee or Tea? 

I used to be one of those rare people who didn’t like coffee, and drank only chai tea, but somewhere amongst 2 children and a renovation I am converted, dreaming about my morning coffee through the night (actually had my first real coffee with Ali, at a playdate.


Red or white wine? 

Red Wine all the way – I am a Pinot Noir girl, through and through. I am really loving the organic and preservative free, Temple Bruer Pinot Noir. I order it online, gets delivered to my door, even better.



Favourite family weekend getaway location? 

We just escaped for a weekend to Phillip Island, so much to do with the kids, from the penguin parade, the Heritage Farm, a Chocolate Factory, cool cafes and beautiful beaches and rock pools to explore.


What about when you guys have more than just a weekend spare, what would be your ultimate holiday destination?

We are currently planning a trip for later in the year to Fiji, after the busy year we have had we need a resort style relaxing holiday. With young kids it’s all about making it as easy as you can, so that it feels relaxing. The people are so friendly and they love children. We want warm weather, kids club, pools, beaches and cocktails.




What message do you have for women out there in today’s busy world? 

I am a big believer in needing some quality ‘Me Time’ amongst the craziness, to every now and then recharge and feel good. Whether it’s a facial, drinks out with the girls, a relaxing bath, or getting my eyebrows waxed. It’s important to find time for ourselves.



What is your most favourite thing about being part of Feather & Noise’s family over all these years? 

Man we have had some great laughs over the years, probably the late night product photo-shoots, (in the very early days) with dark chocolate and wine behind the camera, and me trying to keep a straight face while Ali and Clare tell some crazy stories.

I am so proud to be a part of the F&N family, and feel so lucky to be featured in the recent ‘Take Me Home’ edit. Ali and the girls are the most beautiful, friendly bunch and of course getting an early look at the new styles before they are released over the years doesn’t hurt either.




… and can we please come over for a cup of tea again soon? 

Please come over for some tea, or even a Pinot Noir session soon.