I love you Wendy Sue. Happy Mother’s Day. Love Ali

Wendy is one of a kind, I know people use that term loosely these days. But Wendy Sue, actually is ONE.OF.A. KIND.


Wendy is the definition of a GOOD MUM. … in fact, a GREAT MUM … no actually the BEST MUM. She’s the Mum that I wish I could even be half of. The Mum I aspire to be, but more importantly the Grandparent that I really want to be to my grandchildren. Her old school values such as cooking, sewing, ironing, (I’m pretty sure you even iron the kids pj’s) are there as strong traits, but MY GOD never, and I mean never once are these ever forced on me in our modern day busy lifestyle. Plus, Wendy knows I’m a terrible cook and her son rules our kitchen in our house!!  But what I love about these traits and values of Wendy’s is that they are never the focus, these generous offers that come the second after Wendy arrives, because the first and utmost thing Wendy does when she arrives is kiss and cuddle our babies and shower them in love. And well, that means more than anything to me. Followed closely by your home cooked meals, delicious slices and knack for just adding calmness into our home. 

If I could clone Wendy and give one of her to every friend of mine that doesn’t have a Mother – daughter relationship like ours I truly would. Many of my friends and sisters all wish they had a Mum like Wendy Sue. 

Wendy has a business background and truly “gets” retail, she’s been there, done that in her own retail stores. She understands the hardship of small business ownership, she understands the pressure, the late nights, the weekends and she continually support my decisions as a working Mother.


Wendy is the type of woman that if she doesn’t have anything nice to say she won’t say it all. She finds the good in people and while she won’t hand the homeless person a coin on the streets, she’ll stop and buy them a hot drink instead. Wendy spent many years in hospis, an unpaid role giving up her time to be by the sides of complete strangers in hospitals when they had no other family in their final days of falling terminally ill. Then going on to help those that had lost their soul mates by having a long walk around the lake, a chat, a laugh, a look at the clouds together. Truly an inspiring woman who just loves to help.


Wendy has always had an incredible sixth sense and just knows when I’m struggling, knows when the works piling up, when the late nights have rolled into the past 9 nights and knows when to text. Yep she’s a texter which I love, who has time for extra phone calls these days, … but a text, perfect. She’ll know to text me, but she’ll know to FaceTime the kids and well that, my girls simply love. Last Christmas was the first Christmas I simply didn’t get around to having a Santa photo of the girls taken, first time ever, I’m not proud of it and I still think about even in May! But last Christmas our trade had tripled, and we were exiting over a 1000 order’s a week. I was running on adrenaline and had worked 24 days straight. Right up until 5pm on Christmas Eve. So, Wendy helped the girls write their letters to Santa and she posted them to the North Pole and well and behold x 2 beautiful cards arrived from Santa to Indi and Maya.

Wendy is the Mum that checks if Indi needs more navy school pants or takes Maya off to buy new boots for kinder because well they both love shoes as much as each other. Wendy will screen shot the proud moments of things she reads about my business journey and even reaches out to friends of mine in Bendigo who she just thinks might enjoy a coffee with her. And my friends, they never say no to a coffee with Wendy Sue.  

Wendy is the kindest person I have EVER met, the most generous Mother and Grandmother, Wendy listens and takes it all in, thinks deeply and always only replies with positive comments only. They say you can pick your partner, but you can’t pick your Mother in law. Well I truly feel like I won the lottery when I picked my partner because I won the best MIL any girl could ask for. Wendy you are more than a Mother in law, you’re my friend, my very best friend and the best support to our little family and me. People often joke in front of Wendy about how did I get so lucky, and the humbled woman Wendy is simply replies with ‘well I think I’m the lucky one.’ … humbled beyond words. But really we all know who the lucky one is.