Here at Feather & Noise we love Makin’ Noise with inspiring women we discover & love! Let us introduce you to Samantha from @samisfierce, A lover of travel, photography and of course gorgeous threads. We love Samanthas authenticity and flare for ‘the real’ when it comes to all things Instagram and her blog ‘Sam is fierce’. Sam’s collection was shot by photographer (and best friend) Emilio Kuzma-Floyd @eyes_of_a_nomad in the stunning setting of Wilsons Prom. So, come with us as we see the world through the eyes of these gypsy souls!



How did you come up with the Instagram name ‘samisfierce’?

Hahah, I came up with this name while I was in college. I was a cheerleader and I wanted something vibrant that embodied my personality. Fortunately, it was early in the Instagram days and samisfierce was still available. I've really grown to like the name so have never changed it.




What drew you to collaborate with Feather and Noise?

I love the simplicity of the brand. Since I'm on the road a lot it's really important for me to have pieces that I can style in different ways. I love that Feather and Noise embraces the idea of layering and makes it easy for me to create multiple looks from a few pieces.



What are your top 5 pieces from your Feather and Noise collection? 

I loved the Samantha Stripe Dress (the fit was amazing!), the Amy Dress, the Paisley Maxi and Desert Maxi Skirts and the Alexa Dress. The Blake and Walker T-shirts were also soo soft and perfect for creating multiple outfits from each piece.


What are some of your tips and tricks to create a stylish look?

You might have noticed, but I love tied t-shirts. It makes things seem a bit more fitted and can layer on top of other pieces to turn it from a work look to something I can wear casually out with friends!



Are you an online shopper or do you prefer to peruse the city streets?

Online shopping is definitely my kryptonite. I can spend hours looking at clothes online - it's very dangerous.




Who do you look up to for inspiration?

Suzy Merchant - the women's basketball coach at Michigan State University. I nannied for her when I was in college and have always been inspired by her ability to balance family, work and life. She's also a huge advocate for women and a great role model! 


Why did you decide to start up your own blog?

Over the past few years I've travelled a lot and had many amazing experiences. I've also had some pretty tragic ones - including losing both my mom and my sister. Instagram only shows the beautiful parts of life, but I want people to understand that not every day is perfect, the lighting isn't always amazing and some days are just hard. I want my blog to be about traveling but also about all the hard stuff that people don't always talk about. 



I see that you have travelled quite a bit over the years - What are your top 5 cities to visit?

Ahh, this is one of the hardest questions for people who travel frequently! If I had to pick my favourite places, I would probably say: Rome, Cusco, Bali, Alaska and Tours, France.


What do you love about travelling?

So many things. You meet people you would have never met otherwise and are exposed to different cultures and perspectives. I love seeing all the beauty in the world - traveling allows me to slow down and just appreciate my surroundings. 




And lastly, who are those gorgeous girlfriends featured in your shoot?

That would be Tina (@hellotinamay on instagram) and Tia. Tina is one of my good friends - we met when I went to Bali the first time two years ago and attended her coding camp, the Institute of Code; we've stayed close ever since. Tia is Emilio's sister. Emilio is my BFFL (best friend for life) and the photographer from this shoot. I met all of them while traveling over the past couple of years! 



Fashion: Feather & Noise

Photography: Eyes of a Nomad

Model: Samantha Ruiz