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  1. Meet the beautiful Stace McGregs

    Here at Feather & Noise we love Makin’ Noise with inspiring women we discover & love! So, let us introduce you to Stace McGregs. She is funny, she is beautiful, and most of all she has the kindest and most honest soul! She will instantly make you feel inspired, like YOU can achieve ANYTHING! So, if you need to feel a little extra love today then pop on over for a read and let us take you through her journey, by getting to know a little more about how this talented and motivational woman!


    For the #featherandnoise tribe who aren’t following your modelling journey on Insta – give us the run-down of who you are and what you’re about.  

    My name is Stace, and my life is filled with comedy, snacks and curve modelling contracts.  I’m a freelance curve model, Fashion Instagrammer and positive body image ambassador whose is passionate about helping women feel confident in their own skin. I go on adventures with my Staffy X Sausage Dog Rex whom I take far too much enjoyment in convincing people he’s a seal that I pinched from SeaWorld, no really, he looks like a seal. 

    How do you describe your personal style?  

    All the colours! All the prints.  I like to really mix up my style from swishy and feminine, to classic and then there are the days I throw all the fashion rules out the window and print and pattern and colour clash for the fun of it.  I'm a firm believer in dopamine dressing, and the way wearing bright colours can positively affect our mood.  The most important thing about style to me is that it's fun (and comfortable).


    You’re a self-proclaimed “Funniest Model You’ll Meet” – what makes you laugh?

    Oh, that’s a good question, I can find humour in most places, and generally everyday situations. I think what I find funniest is when people don’t take themselves too seriously and can laugh at themselves.  When I write comedy its generally based on every day activities like visiting the dentist.  As far as funny people, Hamish & Andy make me laugh, I love their quick witted yet gentle humour, they never cut people down to make a joke. 

    What are your must have items this Autumn/Winter?

    A great classic denim jacket, great fitting jeans (the kind that make you feel fabulous, like you can walk into the room and click your fingers and declare ‘you have arrived’ kinda Jeans (they stock those at Feather & Noise), comfortable classic ankle boots and an oversized scarf.


    You have a cute pooch, Rex and partner - what kind of adventures do you get up to on your days off?  

    Day off? what are those… kidding, it’s been a busy few months, Rex (my Staffy x Sausage dog) my partner and I hit the dog beach but only when the tide is out, Rex only has little sausage legs and isn’t happy when the water starts lapping his belly.  We also love to take him to a dog friendly bar on Sunday afternoons, it’s not unusual to see slices of salami flying Rex's way from other patron’s cheese platters. 


    What are your thoughts about the modelling industry and being labelled a "plus size" / curvy model?

    My experience within the modelling industry has been nothing but positive, and it's fantastic that more and more brands are employing curve models in their marketing or even using curve bloggers and their customer images on their social media.  When I was younger, I don’t remember ever seeing girls and women in the media who looked like me.  I like to think one day maybe I’ll be able to just refer to myself as a model. 

    What advice can you give women on dressing for their shape?  

    If you like it, and you feel good in it, buy it and wear it.  When you go shopping grab things you know you like but always grab a wild card to take into the change room, whether it's a colour you wouldn’t normally wear or a new style, try it on for fun, because fashion is supposed to be fun.  For buying online I like to follow fashion bloggers and influencers whose style I love and shape and size and similar to mine, that creates confidence when shopping online that things will suit my body shape.  


    Your Insta feed is filled with mainly colourful and bright outfits – but we’re dying to know, for comfort and style, what’s your GO TO outfit?  

    Dress + White kicks + Denim Jacket.  Effortlessly cool and comfortable.  Long live the white kicks and dress trend.

    What are your beauty tips for travelling + women-on-the-go?  

    A great blow dry, it’s my weekly treat, and will last me a week, and makes me feel amazing when I’m busy running to meetings, castings and shoots, and cuts my getting ready time by half. Also, always, always, wear sunscreen. 



    What was your favourite look from the shoot and why?  

    I loved the ‘Stella Dress’ and the ‘Alani Knit’ in pink. I wouldn’t have thought to style those pieces together, but I just loved it.

    My experience shooting with the Feather & Noise team

    It was worth the 3am wakeup call!... It was style, class and a heck of a lot of belly laughs. We had a fabulous morning (with the exception of the 15 minutes spent fighting off a wasp that was adamant on getting to Ali’s calamari salad). Shooting with the Feather & Noise team was one of the days where I felt overwhelming joy, and the realisation of ‘man I love my job!'. 


    Fashion: Feather & Noise

    Photography: Katie Fergus

    Stace McGregs Instagram: Stace McGregs




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