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  1. Meet Jessiika Wilson

    Here at Feather & Noise we love Makin’ Noise with inspiring women we discover & love! So, let us introduce you to Jessiika from Jessiika Wilson Photography. This hilariously entertaining beauty is one talented individual. She’s a Brisbane/Sunshine Coast based Photographer who loves capturing women’s journeys into motherhood. From pregnancy to the birth of your wee one, she is living her dream by capturing women in their most beautiful and vulnerable state. So, let us take you through the journey of this amazing and inspiring woman!

    Tell us a little about you and your gorgeous family?  

    Well I am a die-hard BOY mama. I always imagined I’d have one of each but here I am surrounded by men and I love it, says a lot about me doesn’t it haha!

    Your imagery is amazing! When did your love for photography start?

    After having the boys for sure! After Levi I was introduced to the “shopping small” concept and that lead me to Instagram and that opened a whole new window for me and what I thought of photography. I was just inspired everyday by amazing images and wanted to be able to create that for myself.

    What’s your number one tip for creating a beautiful photo?

    NATURAL LIGHT. Lighting can make or break an image and it plays such an important role in getting that perfect photo!

    What motivated you to start your own business?

    I have never liked working for the man, I don’t really like being told what to do, haha that’s why I love working for myself. It allows me to be creative and do things my way and more importantly I get to stay home with my babes every day and I couldn’t be happier about that.

    How do you juggle being a mum and running your business?

    It’s hard, for sure! The kids love attention and my business isn’t something I can really hire employees for and delegate tasks, so it has its challenges, but I have a great support network and an amazing hubby who helps out whenever and wherever he can, he’s my biggest fan and I love him for it!

    What’s your favourite thing about motherhood?

    Other than my children and being a parent my favourite thing about motherhood is how it’s taught me more about myself and who I am. I know a lot of mums feel lost after having a baby and I totally did too but I feel like motherhood encourages you to look into yourself deeper and really find out who you are and what makes you happy and that’s what I love about it.

    How would you describe your personal style?

    I think to sum it up it would be edgy but casual, I love to be comfortable but love a little edge and often I’ll throw that in by wearing a lot of black & denim or a vintage T. 

    Talking comfort - What’s your all-time favourite go-to outfit?

    At the moment I’m honestly living in my feather and noise jogger pants with an oversized linen shirt. Brisbane is so hot even in winter so I love how it’s so light weight and comfortable, perfect for this weather and lazing around the house. 

    What message do you have for women out there in today’s busy world?

    Don’t forget about you. Fill your cup up, you work hard and you deserve it. Whatever you’re doing, you’re amazing! 

    And finally, when are you coming back to Melbourne so we can hang out?

    As soon as you invite me I’m THERE! 

    Fashion: Feather & Noise

    Photography & Videographer: Karlin Pekhu 

    Hair: Jaimi Sukjai

    Model & Stylist: Jessiika Wilson

    Jessiika Instagram: Jessiika Wilson




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